Rock painting! Spring & Summer Kid Activity!

Have you ever tried Rock Painting?

I haven’t yet, but I sure would like to try!  I’ve always had a draw to wanting to learn to paint and what better way than on a rock!  So I did some research and here are a few basic steps you need to know!

  1. Find a round flat stone!  Go hiking with friends or your kids!  Don’t have any place local to hike?  You can find nice flat rocks to paint in your local craft store!
  2. Clean your rocks first!  Use an old toothbrush if needed!
  3. Allow your rock to thoroughly dry!
  4. Draw your design with pencil before painting!  You can easily correct a mistake this way!
  5. Now you’re reading to start painting! Be patient and move from the biggest parts of the design to the smallest, letting each coat dry before moving on. You can use a hairdryer to dry the paint faster.
  6. You can next optionally seal it!

You can use marker paints, acrylic, water-based, or make sure to use patio or outdoor paint if you plan to have your rocks outside!

What’s my favorite hiking bag?  The Sling Backpack!

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Most of all?  Have FUN!