Fundraising with Carrie Saunders!

Do you need a fun and unique fundraiser?  With ThirtyOne, I can give you 20% of product sales back to your organization, win prizes for biggest sellers and more!


Example Organizations:

  • Cheerleading
  • Band
  • BoyScouts
  • GirlScouts
  • Church Groups
  • School Trips
  • Sport Teams
  • Etc!

Example of how much you can earn for your group!

Product Sales You Earn # of Orders* Prizes
$500 $100 Just 10 1
$1,200 $240 Just 24 2
$5,000 $1,000 Just 100 5

*assuming average of $50/order

Have a team of 24?  Have each child’s goal to sell $50 each and you easily earn $240! Bump the goal to $75 each and you easily earn $360!

Bonus Ways to Earn MORE:

       Have someone book a party with me from the fundraiser (held within 90 days) and you get 10% of their party for your organization!


The products are fun, affordable and make great giftsMy goal is to make your fundraiser easy, friendly and profitable


Contact me to find out more info!