Hosting Benefits without Hosting!

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With my exclusive Hostess of the Month Club, you can get Hosting Benefits without actually hosting!

All it takes is 6 ladies to create the club.  You each buy a minimum of $35 in product each month.  Everyone’s orders combine to make a party (minimum $210 party each month!).  One lady per month is the Hostess and receives the hostess benefits without having to do anything else extra!  It’s that easy!

So how would it work for you?

Here’s an example.  Lets say the club starts in September.  Here’s what the next 6 months could look like.


You know you have a wedding coming up in October.  So you order an awesome Thirty-One pillow cover as a great keepsake for the Bride and Groom!  Perfect!  It costs $35!  September Done!

Thirty-one Pillow Cover


You want to start your Christmas Shopping early!  You have a niece who is into swimming.  You want to get something special for swim meets!  So you get her a cute cinch sac ($20 + $7 personalization) and a mini zipper pouch ($12)!  This month though you really love the customer special, so you buy that for yourself too!  October done!

Thirty-one Cinch Sac

Thirty-One Mini Zipper Pouch


You know how much your sister loves to be organized and loves anything with stripes and her pantry is in need of help!  So you get her a Your Way Cube in Navy Rugby Stripe for Christmas.  Perfect!  It’s $35 as well!

Thirty-One Your Way Cube Navy Stripe

This month though YOU are the hostess.  Even though you don’t have to, you decide to share Thirty-one with just a few of your closest family and friends to see if THEY want to get something as Christmas presents too.  Four family and friends get things for $50 each!  Awesome so now your combined party with the other ladies’ orders in the group is now $410! ($210 minimum from the 6 ladies in the group plus the $200 you collected extra!)  So now YOU just had a party without doing much and get $55 in FREE product, One Half Priced Item and One hostess Exclusive!  AWESOME!  Now you can easily get more Christmas presents at a great deal!

You decide to use your hostess rewards to buy Christmas Presents for your Mom as well as Sister-in-law and one of your best friends!  You even get something for your Son as you found some great styles perfect for him!  Almost all of your Christmas Shopping was done with your rewards and previous months! 

Your Hostess Rewards:

Gift for your Mom

Hostess Exclusive – Gift for your Mom

Thirty-One Soft Utility Tote

Your 1/2 priced item! Just $24 at half off! You get this for your Sister-in-Law!

FREE! You use part of your $55 in credit for this for your Best friend!

FREE! You use part of your $55 in credit for this for your Best friend!

Just $10! You use the rest of your hostess rewards for your Son's new Lunchbox and just spend $10 on this thermal!

Just $10! You use the rest of your hostess rewards for your Son’s new Lunchbox and just spend $10 on this thermal!


You’ve always been a bit annoyed by your kitchen area and how it can so easily get cluttered.  This month you concentrate on things you need.  You get an Oh-Snap Bin ($10) to catch keys and other misc small items that always land on your kitchen counters.  You want it to be cute but subtle so you pick the Charcoal Swiss Dot pattern.  You also get two Oh-Snap Pockets ($15 each) to catch incoming mail and outgoing mail.  Perfect!  This month you spend $40 in product.

Thirty-One Oh-Snap Pocket Thirty-One Oh-Snap Bin


Your Father’s Birthday is coming up in February.  You know he really needs something to de-clutter the paperwork in his office!  So you get him a Fold-n-File!  You’ve also had a Large Utility Tote for a while but have always wanted a Top-A-Tote to keep items in it from getting dirty.  You purchase that for yourself for $10!  January is now done and this month you spend $35 in product!

Thirty-One Fold n' File

Thirty-One top-a-tote


Your last month!  You’ve enjoyed that getting gifts was so easy so you’re considering joining the next group!  This month though, you have a cousin who’s having a baby soon!  You want to help out in the nursery so you get the All In Organizer ($20) to hold Diapers and the Littles Carry-All Caddy ($12) to keep Diaper rash, brushes, etc!   It’s a boy so you pick colors that will go well in his room!  This month also the customer special is your favorite purse you’ve been holding out for and it’s 1/2 off!  You get that for yourself as well!

Thirty-One all-in-organizer

Thirty-One Littles carry-all Caddy

The 6 months went by fast but you had a blast!  You also enjoyed the “Happy Mail” goodies that were sent to you as a Thank You for being in the club!

Check out more information on my Hostess of the Month Club here!

Contact Me if you want more information! (carrie  *AT*